Taler - 1.0

Scheduled For Release 2024-06-15
Production MVP
  • 0007498: [specification] fee structure considerations (was: Incoherent calculation of fees during withdraw) (Florian Dold)
  • 0008164: [other] Translation of Terms of service and Privacy policy to German, French, Italian [deadline: last week of April] (Stefan)
  •        0008163: [other] Terms of service and Privacy policy (NetzBon and Swiss sandbox implementation/Taler Operations AG) [March-April] (Stefan)
  • 0008160: [wallet-core] Wallet UI: translation of UIs to DE/FR/IT [May-June] (Stefan)
  •        0008159: [wallet-core] Wallet UI: review of message texts [first half of May] (Stefan)
  • 0008351: [Web site(s)] Get screenshots from the latest actual mobile apps and the CHF exchange just before going live (Stefan)
  • 0008247: [deployment and operations] upload final 1.0 webext to Chrome Web Store (Florian Dold)
  • 0008250: [deployment and operations] improve / clean up release packaging automation (Florian Dold)
  • 0008249: [wallet-core] review coinSelection.ts (Florian Dold)
  • 0008112: [mechant backend] Merchant security review (fefe)
  • 0008008: [exchange] exchange crash on purse creation (Christian Grothoff)
  • 0008017: [other] GNUnet FCFS GNS Registrar Post-mortem (sebasjm)
  • 0008090: [libeufin-bank] bank should abort b-i-withdrawal operations automatically after 15 minutes (Antoine A)
  • 0007868: [wallet-core] recoup transaction not spec'ed in DD37 (Florian Dold)
  • 0007854: [qtart] strip absolute pathname from stacktraces (sebasjm)
  • 0007814: [wallet-core] DD37: handle funky deposit txn case where aborting(refresh) might still need to do a refund (Florian Dold)
  • 0007558: [qtart] bundle TLS CA certs and re-enable TLS peer+host verification (Florian Dold)
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