Scheduled For Release 2022-12-24
0005893: [build process] replace /tmp in src and elsewhere with something like GNUNET_TMP, again (schanzen)
0004615: [other] How should a client application's autoconf check for the availability of GNUnet?
0006401: [GNS] Filter DNS2GNS answers in some cases
0004581: [exit daemon] iptables not available on FreeBSD
0006102: [resolver service] Resolver limited to IP addresses (schanzen)
0007198: [hello library] Implement versioning for HELLOs (schanzen)
0007199: [hostlist daemon] Hostlist requests should include compatible hello version (schanzen)
0007203: [namestore service] Transaction-based API (schanzen)
       0007202: [namestore service] Per-client database connections (schanzen)
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