Scheduled For Release 2021-08-01
0005791: [General] Create /software page for details on projects
0005637: [General] extend FAQ
0005790: [General] Create /comparison page
0005789: [General] website simple introduction (and more)
0005778: [General] Double hyphen should be non-breaking
0005799: [General] integrate an (URL) link checker
0005835: [General] Modify install guide on
0005917: [General] write subpages for projects and structure them (gns, gnurl, fs, etc)
0005533: [General] new website: create detail pages for software parts
0005526: [General] new website: pass accessibility tests
0005525: [General] new website: Firefox Reader Mode does not display all of our pages in full
0005932: [General] improve copyright assignment page (nikita)
0005800: [General] spellcheck (Christian Grothoff)
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