Scheduled For Release 2021-06-30
0006114: [integration tests] Tests failing on Guix System (schanzen)
0006743: [file-sharing service] anonymous structs in GNUNET_FS_ProgressInfo impede modularity (schanzen)
0005893: [build process] replace /tmp in src and elsewhere with something like GNUNET_TMP, again (schanzen)
0006832: [GNS] Revive FCFS service (schanzen)
0005708: [build process] Extend gnunet-config with output of build configuration Was: configure script should output summary of configuration
0006401: [GNS] Filter DNS2GNS answers in some cases (schanzen)
0006102: [resolver service] Resolver limited to IP addresses (schanzen)
0005998: [namestore service] Namestore should enforce delegation rules for record adding according to LSD001 (schanzen)
0006486: [GNS] Implement another GNS crypto scheme (schanzen)
0005367: [rps service] SIGSEGV after GNUNET_CADET_channel_destroy() (ch3)
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