Scheduled For Release 2020-10-19
This version provides more tests of what is already implemented, and of rare cases of CAMT and PAIN documents.
0006248: [nexus] test error handling during subscriber initialization
0006368: [other] test message chunking
0006122: [nexus] EBICS error responses should be correctly parsed. (Marcello Stanisci)
0006376: [other] test against all samples given by the German standard supplement (MS)
0006427: [sandbox] EBICS errors need XML (MS)
0006380: [other] more extensive integration test cases for TWG are required (MS)
0006387: [other] more integration tests for key management needed (MS)
0006265: [sandbox] write script to fill sandbox with sample transactions (MS)
0006262: [nexus] move camt parsing to helper function(s), handle multiple txns, have unit tests (Florian Dold)
0006641: [other] integration tests should be run with pytest (MS)
0006643: [other] Parsing tests should be hosted on a dedicate repository. (MS)
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