Scheduled For Release 2020-10-19
Nexus and Sandbox will emulate a very simple banking system. In particular, a realistic accounting of customers' assets should be implemented by the Sandbox.
0006243: [sandbox] filter on date range is missing
0006381: [other] implement and test transaction identification matching for INFO->PENDING->BOOKED transition
0006046: [sandbox] Must distinguish between booked and non booked transactions
0005955: [sandbox] use return codes from spec, make sure correct codes are returned
0006260: [nexus] nexus should store balance
0006397: [other] write a good README(.md) file for LibEuFin
0006399: [other] review and document date/time/timezone handling
0006400: [other] consider doing faster re-tries for some scheduled operations
0006382: [nexus] support transaction fetching since last successful bank-side creation date/time
0006404: [other] ISO20022 camt mapping is not documented, incomplete and incorrect in some places
0006547: [nexus] Offer raw EBICS upload for any message.
0006270: [sandbox] sandbox should support booked and unbooked transactions
0006073: [nexus] serialize some transaction state to the database (Florian Dold)
0006268: [sandbox] sandbox should support balances in c52/c53 (MS)
0006269: [sandbox] sandbox should emit c52/c53 more like real banks do (MS)
0006633: [nexus] Not all the requests get authenticated! (Florian Dold)
0006402: [other] handle disrupted EBICS transactions (Florian Dold)
0006715: [sandbox] sandbox should not "activate" EBICS subscriber keys by default (MS)
0005973: [sandbox] report more information about a user's state (Florian Dold)
0005947: [sandbox] Design generation of "OrderID" (Florian Dold)
0006253: [nexus] adjust and document JSON formats for account information (Florian Dold)
0006255: [nexus] sketch APIs for rejected transactions and blacklisting (Florian Dold)
0006602: [nexus] Check that API docs match the code. (MS)
0005941: [sandbox] spec and implement bank account and transaction API (MS)
0007410: [sandbox] withdraw fails 90% of the time on solving captcha (MS)
0006395: [nexus] implement bank protocol-specific logic in a less ad-hoc way via interfaces and a registry (MS)
0006257: [nexus] update CLI to new nexus API (MS)
0006646: [nexus] Multiple bank connections with the same name for ONE user should not be allowed. (MS)
0006390: [nexus] status and confirmation of payment initiations should be done on the raw transaction level, not the TWG facade (MS)
0006249: [nexus] implement transaction de-duplication also for bank accounts, not just for the taler wire gateway API (Marcello Stanisci)
0006374: [nexus] taler facade must allow text besides the reserve public key (MS)
0006597: [nexus] Implement "/taler-wire-gateway/config" (MS)
0006627: [documentation] Align documentation to code. (MS)
0006626: [command-line tools] provide "make install" (MS)
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