Scheduled For Release 2106-02-07
0007357: [wallet (WebExtensions)] all call-to-action should redirect to transaction details after starting (sebasjm)
0007291: [wallet (WebExtensions)] explain the fee structure when choosing an exchange (sebasjm)
0007251: [wallet (TS core)] split operation from other database records (purchase, exchange... ) (Florian Dold)
0007243: [bank API (C)] long polling for checking reserved key status (MS)
0007234: [wallet (WebExtensions)] material design implementation (sebasjm)
0007360: [wallet (TS core)] error with trying to pay an age-restricted contract with coins from tip (Florian Dold)
0007317: [wallet (TS core)] p2p push payment with age restricted exchange fails (sebasjm)
0007238: [wallet (TS core)] cannot use age restriction on some cases (Florian Dold)
0007318: [wallet (TS core)] problems creating a transfer after N times using it (Florian Dold)
0007305: [wallet (TS core)] can't pay an order without age restriction (excgabge wutg age restriction denoms enabled) (sebasjm)
0007289: [wallet (Android App)] can't read qr codes with inverted colors (grote)
0007292: [merchant backend API (HTTP specification)] add merchant information on tipInformation (sebasjm)
0007232: [merchant backoffice SPA] payto field should check bitcoin/ethereum addr checksum (sebasjm)
0007179: [wallet (WebExtensions)] design & implement "cta template" for every type of tx (sebasjm)
0007250: [wallet (WebExtensions)] withdrawal problems with webex (Florian Dold)
0007206: [mechant backend] "make check" fails to build (oec)
0007177: [wallet (WebExtensions)] contract terms information in payments (sebasjm)
0007178: [wallet (WebExtensions)] design & implement "payment fee" (sebasjm)
0007191: [wallet (WebExtensions)] Popup balance: Withdraw button is cut in half on Firefox (sebasjm)
0007167: [wallet (WebExtensions)] Removing the settings from the popup and move it the wallet page (belen)
0007176: [wallet (WebExtensions)] webext i18n (sebasjm)
0007175: [exchange] "make check" fails 6 tests (Christian Grothoff)
0007020: [wallet (Android App)] WalletBackendService gets killed, wallet stays in black background waiting for a response (Florian Dold)
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