Released 2022-02-26
0007169: [GNS] New GNS record flag: CRITICAL (schanzen)
0007171: [GNS] Move VPN/GTS functionality to dns2gns (schanzen)
0007172: [GNS] New record type: REDIRECT (schanzen)
0007173: [other] Namespacing violation: struct ChallengeNonceP (gnunet_crypto_lib.h)? (Christian Grothoff)
0004164: [DHT service] Sign record_route (Christian Grothoff)
0005998: [namestore service] Namestore should enforce delegation rules for record adding according to LSD001 (schanzen)
0006743: [file-sharing service] anonymous structs in GNUNET_FS_ProgressInfo impede modularity (schanzen)
0006911: [documentation] Fix wrong links syntax - broken link (schanzen)
0006913: [util library] Segmentation fault while writing full config with gnunet-config (schanzen)
0006925: [util library] @INLINE@ does not understand absolute paths (Christian Grothoff)
0006926: [util library] some config errors are reported without any file information (Christian Grothoff)
0007006: [postgres library] merchant dbinit does not properly report errors (Christian Grothoff)
0007029: [DHT service] Assertion failure in get_target_peers (when allocating rtargets) (Christian Grothoff)
0007033: [build process] Cleanup configure flags (Christian Grothoff)
0007102: [documentation] git clone command in website install instructions results in redirection error (Christian Grothoff)
0007106: [util library] GNUNET_CRYPTO_eddsa_key_from_file always creates file if it doesn't exist (ignoring second argument) (oec)
0007130: [documentation] Outdated link in the Developer documentation chapter (schanzen)
0007136: [DHT service] Distance metric update (Christian Grothoff)
0007138: [DHT service] Calculation closest peer is inconsistent with distance metric (Christian Grothoff)
0007141: [DHT service] Bucket lists are not ordered? (Christian Grothoff)
0007142: [DHT service] DHT find peer route option required? (Christian Grothoff)
0007170: [GNS] Implement Tombstone record Was: Implement padding using a record (schanzen)
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