Released 2023-01-27
Polishing and KYC support.
0007486: [Web site(s)] tsc no longer used, but build fails if it is not installed (Stefan)
0006520: [other] GANA doesn't complain when error names are re-used with a new code, but it results in a compilation error (Christian Grothoff)
0006599: [wallet (TS core)] wallet should emit better error message when balance is insufficient due to pending refresh (Florian Dold)
0006963: [wallet (WebExtensions)] Link to open system's Taler wallet during withdrawal provides no feedback if "automatically open wallet" permission is disabled (sebasjm)
0007272: [exchange] crypto helper requests should support batching (Christian Grothoff)
0007291: [wallet (WebExtensions)] explain the fee structure when choosing an exchange (sebasjm)
0007363: [deployment and operations] Preserve key material on the demo deployment. (MS)
0007391: [wallet (TS core)] CS 4.1.2 (LEVEL A) -- Name, Role, Value (grote)
0007394: [wallet (WebExtensions)] weird behavior when service worker send a response to webex (sebasjm)
0007411: [wallet (WebExtensions)] nothing happens when clicking on "add provider" in "backup" dialog (sebasjm)
0007427: [exchange] TALER_SIGNATURE_EXCHANGE_ACCOUNT_SETUP_SUCCESS signature needs modifications (Christian Grothoff)
0007428: [exchange API (HTTP specification)] reserve open 409 double-spend not specified (Christian Grothoff)
0007436: [wallet (WebExtensions)] manual withdrawal with IBAN is rendered weirdly (sebasjm)
0007440: [wallet (WebExtensions)] cannot specify expiration for push payments in WebExtension (sebasjm)
0007441: [wallet (WebExtensions)] WebExtension allows entering negative amount (sebasjm)
0007442: [wallet (WebExtensions)] ugly dialog to add account for sending money back via IBAN (sebasjm)
0007443: [wallet (WebExtensions)] Cannot build webextension (Florian Dold)
0007450: [exchange] tests are skipped or fail in src/testing (Christian Grothoff)
0007451: [merchant-pos-terminal (Android App)] PoS app does not work 'out of the box' (grote)
0007453: [wallet (TS core)] very confusing 'insufficient balance' error (Florian Dold)
0007456: [wallet (TS core)] wallet report "InsufficientBalance" when merchant wire method is not properly configured (Florian Dold)
0007465: [wallet (TS core)] create new attention api (sebasjm)
0007469: [demobank-ui] success message is missing after wiretransfer in the bank app (sebasjm)
0007470: [wallet (Android App)] subject intention is not clear: add helper text (grote)
0007471: [wallet (Android App)] share link after creating a pay-push or pay-pull (grote)
0007488: [Web site(s)] navbar issues (Stefan)
0007496: [wallet (WebExtensions)] Can't change currency in UI (sebasjm)
0007497: [wallet (WebExtensions)] Can't enter fraction starting with zero (sebasjm)
0006027: [wallet (Android App)] android wallet should support tipping (grote)
0006540: [wallet (TS core)] generate more info for insufficient balance on exchange/auditor mismatch or age restriction (Florian Dold)
0006590: [documentation] clarify UX for (partially) failed payments (Florian Dold)
0007121: [wallet (TS core)] wallet should refresh when forgetting a pay transaction (Florian Dold)
0007152: [wallet (WebExtensions)] when there is an operational error the wallet should guide the user how to proceed (sebasjm)
0007266: [exchange] Implement proper handling of extension config changes (oec)
0007329: [wallet (WebExtensions)] Show better error message when wallet-core is not available (sebasjm)
0007343: [wallet (WebExtensions)] insufficient balance error message not nice (Florian Dold)
0007350: [wallet (Android App)] Don't allow input of amounts with more than 8 decimal places (grote)
0007351: [wallet (TS core)] p2p push payment remains "forever" in pending (Florian Dold)
0007352: [wallet (Android App)] age restriction drop-down missing on Android (grote)
0007445: [exchange] fails (oec)
0007476: [wallet (Android App)] details in tip can't be access (grote)
0007478: [wallet (Android App)] selected transactions should be highlighted & confirmation (grote)
0007479: [wallet (Android App)] move "cancel" button to the left when deleting one single tx (grote)
0007480: [wallet (Android App)] exchange crash: opening the app before kudos exchange is added (grote)
0007483: [wallet (Android App)] add a max character in the subject text on invoice and transfers (grote)
0007489: [wallet (Android App)] wallet crashes when trying to list exchanges (grote)
0007490: [Web site(s)] Add development page (Stefan)
0007491: [wallet (Android App)] Android app dead after trying to withdraw bitcoin (grote)
0007494: [wallet (Android App)] depositing back onto chain for Bitcoin asks for IBAN (grote)
0007495: [wallet (Android App)] "To a bank account" is confusing for Bitcoin (grote)
0007499: [mechant backend] "secret-token:" prefix dual behavior (Christian Grothoff)
0007549: [mechant backend] Assertion failed at taler-merchant-httpd_statics.c:304. (Christian Grothoff)
0007559: [documentation] taler.conf.5.rst mentions unused/unspecified KYC_ENABLED setting (Christian Grothoff)
0007560: [cashier (Android App)] auto-completion appended space to username (grote)
0007570: [mechant backend] merchant backend reports 409/2700 when creating a tipping reserve and exchange /wire returns 5xx (Christian Grothoff)
0007571: [mechant backend] taler-merchant-setup-reserve should re-try when backend returns a 5xx status code (Christian Grothoff)
0007577: [exchange] purse merge fails with HTTP 500 response from exchange (Christian Grothoff)
0007594: [exchange] test_taler_exchange_httpd hangs forever if no DB is set up, test is not skipped (Christian Grothoff)
0006632: [wallet (Android App)] taler-android.git uses non-symbolic constants for Taler error codes (avalos)
0007366: [wallet (TS core)] KYC support in wallet-core (Florian Dold)
0007423: [deployment and operations] set up Mattermost on gv (javier.sepulveda)
0007424: [wallet (TS core)] peer-to-peer payment operations should do retries and error handling (Florian Dold)
0007438: [wallet (TS core)] failing P2P payments result in money being lost (Florian Dold)
0007444: [wallet (WebExtensions)] Cannot add exchange to Taler wallet webextension (oec)
0007474: [deployment and operations] merchant name as "default" is seen on purchases and refund on (javier.sepulveda)
0007477: [wallet (Android App)] deposit tx should show information about when the wire transfer is going to be made (sebasjm)
0007482: [deployment and operations] bank account seems broken when withdrawing high amount of kudos (MS)
0007492: [wallet (TS core)] wallet is still bad at arithmetic and looses money (Florian Dold)
0007522: [wallet (Android App)] could not find any exchange for the currency MANA (sebasjm)
0007524: [demobank-ui] demobank webui cannot handle insanely high amounts of money (sebasjm)
0007526: [demobank-ui] Demobank webui does not enable wire transfer "Send" button (sebasjm)
0007531: [wallet (WebExtensions)] unexpected exception (message: crypto RPC call ('createEddsaKeypair') timed out) (Florian Dold)
0007541: [wallet (WebExtensions)] crash when displaying big transactions (Florian Dold)
0007555: [deployment and operations] Gitlab CI runner for Taler Android Nightlies (javier.sepulveda)
0007566: [wallet (Android App)] Handle KYC error in tansactions (avalos)
0007574: [deployment and operations] upgrade kernel to >=5.11 (javier.sepulveda)
0007586: [deployment and operations] implement docker container (+buildbot) to build and test all of Taler during the container run step (javier.sepulveda)
0007282: [wallet (Android App)] QR code scan button needs to be also present in transaction lists (grote)
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