Released 2018-06-06
0005236: [util library] make check: test_service never ends (Christian Grothoff)
0005116: [cadet service] CADET stops working (Christian Grothoff)
0005242: [integration tests] Integration tests fail (Christian Grothoff)
0004146: [other] The GPG key used to sign the 0.10.1 source release has been revoked. (Christian Grothoff)
0003705: [set service] set union fails with "other peer disconnected prematurely" (Florian Dold)
0003575: [core service] Core takes an arbitrarily long time to call back (Bart Polot)
0004019: [core service] CORE compains about mixed identities (Christian Grothoff)
0005250: [util library] Scheduler asserion fails with mhd-related components (lurchi)
0003277: [cadet service] secretsharing sometimes crashes mesh service when running with valgrind (Bart Polot)
0003360: [cadet service] Crash with mesh (Bart Polot)
0003361: [cadet service] Crash in mesh (Bart Polot)
0003363: [core service] need core KX monitoring API (Christian Grothoff)
0003366: [cadet service] Assertion failed at gnunet-service-mesh_tunnel.c:2132 (Bart Polot)
0003368: [transport service] Assertions in gnunet-service-transport_neighbours.c:2084 (Matthias Wachs)
0003369: [ATS service] assertion in gnunet-ats.c:126 (Matthias Wachs)
0003372: [cadet service] Mesh creshes while trying to destroy a tunnel twice. (Bart Polot)
0003373: [cadet service] segfault in mesh service (Bart Polot)
0003378: [cadet service] Mesh quietly ignores messages on unknown connection (Bart Polot)
0002526: [GNS] GNS proxy does not validate DANE/TLSA records (Christian Grothoff)
0002945: [testbed service] comparison of adaptive parallelisation algorithms (Sree Harsha Totakura)
0003003: [GNS] New GNS does not properly support SRV records (Christian Grothoff)
0003019: [GNS] RF_PENDING option is not shown in gnunet-namestore-gtk and gnunet-namestore also offers no way to remove the bit (Christian Grothoff)
0003108: [util library] Separate message handler functions for the client library (tg)
0003301: [GNS] Other record types not available as soon as PKEY is added (Christian Grothoff)
0003302: [namestore service] record deletion does not respect the record type or value (Christian Grothoff)
0003333: [cadet service] mesh fails with various errors on consensus profiler (Bart Polot)
0003348: [core service] CORE does not notify clients about connections after restart (Christian Grothoff)
0003375: [secret sharing service] Secretsharing profiler crash (Florian Dold)
0003376: [secret sharing service] Secretsharing service crash when running profiler (Florian Dold)
0003377: [secret sharing service] Abort in secretsharing profiler (Florian Dold)
0003386: [hostlist daemon] hostlist http server does not listen on IPv6 (Christian Grothoff)
0003387: [peerinfo service] gnunet-peerinfo fails to print any addresses on DNS timeout (Christian Grothoff)
0003389: [cadet service] Lost message IDs (Bart Polot)
0003393: [cadet service] performing PING-loop until killed.. (Bart Polot)
0003394: [util library] test_server testcase fails with a crash (Christian Grothoff)
0003412: [build process] ./bootstrap crashes in Revision 33424 (amatus)
0003414: [build process] gnunet-service-xdht_neighbours.c , Revision 33447 (Supriti Singh)
0003421: [conversation service] phone call routed to wrong client (Christian Grothoff)
0003427: [set service] set testcases hang, report assertion failure at mq.c:262 (Florian Dold)
0003428: [set service] revocation test fails as set operation takes too long (Florian Dold)
0003431: [conversation service] caller ID is returned by conversation API should not be GNS name (Christian Grothoff)
0003443: [other] Revision 33652, not sure whether this is a bug, "DEAD: http_client" but not seen in previous revisions. (Christian Grothoff)
0003444: [build process] Revision 33653, make fails (Christian Grothoff)
0003451: [GNS] Revision 33733: gnunet-gns-proxy-setup-ca error-message from certutil (Christian Grothoff)
0002669: [DHT service] Implement DHT profiler (Sree Harsha Totakura)
0003380: [NAT traversal library] NAT test should provide more information about results and errors (cfuchs)
0003405: [cadet service] Revision 33231: cadet susceptible to dynamic IP-change (Bart Polot)
0003408: [cadet service] Add a verbose debug/dump feature to gnunet-cadet CLI and service. (Bart Polot)
0003453: [cadet service] Cadet crash in connection sent callback after a posthumous CONNECTION_DESTROY (Bart Polot)
0003454: [build process] Revision 33822: make fails (Christian Grothoff)
0003483: [cadet service] cadet segfaults (Bart Polot)
0003488: [cadet service] I'm hitting GNUNET_assert (myid == path->peers[0]); (Bart Polot)
0003494: [build process] Revision 33951: Make fails (tg)
0003507: [cadet service] Assertion failed at gnunet-service-cadet_tunnel.c:1316. (Bart Polot)
0003531: [cadet service] segfault in get_prev_hop (Bart Polot)
0003538: [file-sharing service] Searching with AND is not reliable (bratao)
0003059: [peerinfo service] Implementation of a persistent per peer storage (otarabai)
0003100: [set service] developer documentation for set subsystem is missing (Christian Grothoff)
0003144: [documentation] developer documentation for namestore is missing (Matthias Wachs)
0003269: [transport service] transport plugin monitoring API (Christian Grothoff)
0003347: [GNS] NSS switch documentation hard to understand for users (Matthias Wachs)
0003384: [consensus service] Consensus crash while running secretsharing profiler (Florian Dold)
0003385: [ATS service] ATS performance API fails to signal monitors if ATS service dies/restarts (Matthias Wachs)
0003399: [ATS service] ats-30742 ERROR Assertion failed at plugin_ats_proportional.c:643 (Matthias Wachs)
0003401: [transport service] Maybe this observation helps: outside IP against internal IP (Matthias Wachs)
0003403: [transport service] Reliability / Quota compliance test fail (Matthias Wachs)
0003404: [transport service] misc warnings from cadet and tcp plugin (Matthias Wachs)
0003416: [hello library] GNUNET_HELLO_parse_uri stops on first invalid address (Matthias Wachs)
0003425: [cadet service] ERROR Assertion failed at gnunet-service-cadet_tunnel.c:2349. (Bart Polot)
0003452: [transport service] complete implementation of plugin monitoring API (Christian Grothoff)
0003455: [GNS] Revision 33824: gnunet-gns-proxy-setup-ca error-message from certutil (Matthias Wachs)
0003457: [HTTP transport] http client shutdown logic is rather convoluted and possibly broken (Matthias Wachs)
0003459: [cadet service] Errors after restarting peer (Bart Polot)
0003460: [HTTP transport] http_server transport crashes (amatus)
0003462: [HTTP transport] server_send_callback is called for a session that was freed by server_delete_session (Matthias Wachs)
0003480: [testbed service] Test crash on Ctrl+C (Sree Harsha Totakura)
0003489: [scalarproduct service] scalarproduct sessions fail (always) (Christian Grothoff)
       0003490: [set service] set intersection removes all elements (Christian Grothoff)
0003500: [HTTP transport] http URLs contain IP addresses in printable version (Matthias Wachs)
0003501: [ATS service] proportional ATS allocation shows little stability (Matthias Wachs)
0003503: [cadet service] gnunet-service-cadet_connection.c:958 debug info (Bart Polot)
0003505: [cadet service] Assertion failed at gnunet-service-cadet_connection.c:1862 (Bart Polot)
0003510: [revocation service] Revocation test hangs forever (Christian Grothoff)
0003522: [build process] postgresql is not detected correctly (Sree Harsha Totakura)
0003533: [build process] Revision 34237, make fails (Matthias Wachs)
0003534: [cadet service] Reset cadet is called too often, taking 100% CPU during transfer (Bart Polot)
0003535: [transport service] Assertions in gnunet-service-transport_neighbours.c:2138 (Matthias Wachs)
0003537: [file-sharing service] Crash during search (bratao)
0003542: [build process] Revision 34286, make fails (Christian Grothoff)
0003546: [cadet service] cadet-tun-2622 ERROR , Revision 34312 (Bart Polot)
0003544: [util library] GNUNET_CLIENT_notify_transmit_ready documentation incorrect (Christian Grothoff)
0003545: [file-sharing service] Add resume/suspend functionalty to download (Christian Grothoff)
0003547: [gnunet-setup] Revision 34321, gnunet-setup dies (Christian Grothoff)
0003550: [util library] Possible integer overflow parsing metadata container. (Christian Grothoff)
0003553: [GNS] GNS2DNS delegation doesn't seem handle sub-domain requests. (Christian Grothoff)
0003561: [set service] test_revocation (with valgrind) shows issues in set service (Christian Grothoff)
0003562: [testbed service] testbed fails to connect peers (in test_revocation testcase) (Sree Harsha Totakura)
0003563: [NSE service] NSE reports weird data (Christian Grothoff)
0003565: [ARM service] Hostlist daemon not present (Christian Grothoff)
0003569: [file-sharing service] gnunet-directory frees a null (Christian Grothoff)
0003568: [file-sharing service] clean_request called twice, uses freed memory then tries to double free (Christian Grothoff)
0003570: [util library] we need to finally kill SLIST (Christian Grothoff)
0003571: [cadet service] CADET sends messages too large for core (Bart Polot)
0003574: [cadet service] CADET fails to transmit message (Bart Polot)
0003576: [file-sharing service] gnunet-publish can't publish a sub-directory named "gnunet" (Christian Grothoff)
0003579: [file-sharing service] FS migration tests started to fail (Christian Grothoff)
0003581: [peerstore] peerstore fails to respect MQ semantics (Christian Grothoff)
0003582: [set service] free(): corrupted unsorted chunks (Christian Grothoff)
0003583: [cadet service] CADET NPE's (gnunet9-peer core dump) (Bart Polot)
0003588: [gnunet-setup] Bashisms in some scripts (Christian Grothoff)
0003589: [transport service] valgrind errors when using transport's monitoring capabilities (Christian Grothoff)
0003604: [documentation] README install link needs to be changed (Christian Grothoff)
0003610: [cadet service] cadet API violates client's notify_transmit_ready API (Christian Grothoff)
0003247: [file-sharing service] 100% CPU usage in MESH and FS after search (Christian Grothoff)
0003577: [util library] gnunet-config needs to be able to list what available sections there are (Christian Grothoff)
0003614: [ATS service] GNUNET_ATS_address_update has zero testcases using it (Matthias Wachs)
0003617: [ATS service] transport-23174 ERROR, Revision 34975 (Christian Grothoff)
0003618: [WLAN transport] WLAN tests fail with assertion in time.c:393 (Christian Grothoff)
0003626: [util library] RPS service causes scheduler to crash (Bart Polot)
0003630: [transport service] transport crash while running a peer (Christian Grothoff)
0003647: [build process] Revision 35087, Make fails (Christian Grothoff)
0003619: [ATS service] plugin_ats_proportional.c:589 assertion fails in restart tests (Christian Grothoff)
0003645: [ATS service] Assertion failed at plugin_ats_proportional.c:589 despite no assertion there. (Christian Grothoff)
0003648: [peerinfo service] Revision 35090: gnunet-peerinfo-gtk-27959 ERROR, gnunet-gtk (Christian Grothoff)
0003379: [cadet service] Queue only one ACK at a time (Bart Polot)
0003429: [testbed service] testbed (?) prints "Parallelism: 4" (Sree Harsha Totakura)
0003448: [transport service] Core-level (transport? ats?) connectivity problems (Christian Grothoff)
       0003658: [ATS service] ATS testcases should be reviewed (Christian Grothoff)
       0003666: [transport service] Revision 35208, transport-11501 ERROR Assertion failed at gnunet-service-transport_ats.c:580. (Christian Grothoff)
       0003669: [ATS service] Assertion failed at ats_api_scheduling.c:716. (Christian Grothoff)
       0003672: [ATS service] ATS testcases FTBFS (Christian Grothoff)
       0003683: [transport service] peers fail to respond to PING (Christian Grothoff)
       0003692: [UDP transport] UDP connections do not last (Christian Grothoff)
0003506: [peerstore] The peerstore plugin API should be asynchronous to support a wide range of storage backends (amatus)
0003508: [cadet service] CADET taking too much memory (Bart Polot)
0003554: [transport service] Transport session stuck in state S_SYN_RECV_ATS (Christian Grothoff)
0003555: [UDP transport] UDP does not work reliably between computers (Bart Polot)
0003591: [UDP transport] Assertion failed at transport_api_monitor_plugins.c:359. (Christian Grothoff)
0003595: [transport service] valgrind-reported memory leaks in gnunet-transport service (with tcp, udp, http client & server enabled) (Christian Grothoff)
0003596: [cadet service] CADET "kills" gnunet-service-dht with > 20000 new requests / minute (on startup) (Bart Polot)
0003612: [transport service] connection failures causes transport to drop validated addresses from ATS's list (Christian Grothoff)
0003615: [file-sharing service] assertion failed in schedule_transmission, GNUNET_assert (NULL != cp->cth); (Christian Grothoff)
0003616: [ATS service] ATS scheduling API's "address_get_type" functions do not belong (Christian Grothoff)
0003620: [transport service] ./test_transport_api_slow_ats fails (Christian Grothoff)
0003621: [ATS service] ats-7261 ERROR Assertion failed at plugin_ats_proportional.c:589 (Christian Grothoff)
0003628: [util library] MQ_send calls GNUNET_CLIENT_notify_transmit_ready twice due to corrupted memory (ch3)
0003650: [ATS service] ATS (sometimes) fails to suggest address (Christian Grothoff)
0003652: [transport service] inbound quota is enforced, but ignored by sender, leading to connectivity issues (Christian Grothoff)
0003657: [ATS service] replace ATS-information arrays with structs? (Christian Grothoff)
0003678: [transport service] gnunet-transport -m fails to shutdown quickly on CTRL-C (Christian Grothoff)
0003660: [transport service] Assertion failed at gnunet-service-transport_validation.c:1685. (Christian Grothoff)
0003661: [ATS service] gnunet-ats -m sometimes shows network family 'unspecified' for peers (Christian Grothoff)
0003662: [transport service] output of gnunet-transport -P is unreadable (Christian Grothoff)
0003663: [transport service] Assertion failed at ats_api_scheduling.c:716. (Christian Grothoff)
0003664: [ATS service] ATS NPE (Christian Grothoff)
0003665: [transport service] Assertion failed at gnunet-service-transport_validation.c:532 (Christian Grothoff)
0003667: [transport service] memory leaks in transport service (Christian Grothoff)
0003668: [DHT service] Constant high CPU load of 0000014:0000020-30% when running a peer (Bart Polot)
0003671: [file-sharing service] FS running with 100% CPU load (Christian Grothoff)
0003680: [transport service] Assertion failed at gnunet-service-transport_ats.c:657. (Christian Grothoff)
0003681: [transport service] Assertion failed at gnunet-service-transport_ats.c:506. (Christian Grothoff)
0003682: [util library] Revision 35243, how to get rid of the pesky looping warning? (Christian Grothoff)
0003684: [UDP transport] Revision 35254: Overnight run fills memory and swap completely (Christian Grothoff)
0003685: [peerinfo service] Receiving many useless HELLOs through gossip frequently with peer IDs starting with Z (Christian Grothoff)
0003687: [transport service] WARNING `accept' failed at connection.c:345 with error: Resource temporarily unavailable (Christian Grothoff)
0003688: [core service] If peer A restarts KX with peer B but peer B isn't expecting it, it can take up to 5 minutes to re-establish the connection (Christian Grothoff)
0003689: [ATS service] ATS running with 100% CPU load (Christian Grothoff)
0003690: [transport service] Assertion failed at gnunet-service-transport_ats.c:306. NULL == ai (Christian Grothoff)
0003695: [UDP transport] UDP reports multiple session instances to same peer (Christian Grothoff)
0003697: [UDP transport] udp reliability testcase fails (Christian Grothoff)
0003698: [TCP transport] Assertion failed at plugin_transport_tcp.c:3118. (Christian Grothoff)
0003701: [transport service] NPE in GST_ats_expire_address (Christian Grothoff)
0003702: [UDP transport] plugin_transport_udp.c double free or corruption (Christian Grothoff)
0003704: [file-sharing service] gnunet-fs-gtk-7220 ERROR Assertion failed at fs_api.c:292. (Christian Grothoff)
0003709: [core service] Core leaks memory (Christian Grothoff)
0003721: [revocation service] GNUNET_assert (NULL == peer_entry); failed in rev 35401 (Christian Grothoff)
0003730: [transport service] neighbor message queue corrupted in rev 35419 (amatus)
0003745: [file-sharing service] Possible infinite loop in process_kblock_for_unindex (Christian Grothoff)
0003781: [util library] Revision 35567, Make fails (Christian Grothoff)
0003782: [ATS service] misc. assertions triggered virtually immediately when starting peer (Christian Grothoff)
0003783: [fragmentation library] library is logging many warnings (Christian Grothoff)
0003785: [transport service] Transport randomly (but frequently) crashes (amatus)
0003786: [util library] implement combined EdDSA-ECDHE KX logic (Christian Grothoff)
0003791: [datastore service] Warning in datastore sqlite compilation (Christian Grothoff)
0003805: [build process] libmicrohttpd detection is not cross-compile-proof (Christian Grothoff)
0003856: [build process] enable '--enable-shared=no' in configure (Christian Grothoff)
0003858: [rps service] make error when configuring with --enable-experimental: missing library in (ch3)
0003859: [build process] make install error: DATADIR is ignored on gnunet/install-sh -d /usr/share/gnunet/sensors (amatus)
0003862: [util library] missing include in gnunet_crypto_lib.h (Christian Grothoff)
0003693: [transport service] NPE in transport (rev 35298) (Christian Grothoff)
0003722: [testbed service] testbed segfault on CTRL-C (Sree Harsha Totakura)
0003723: [cadet service] cadet leaves sock file around (and only cadet) (Christian Grothoff)
0003845: [cadet service] Assertion failure (c->next_peer == peer) in unregister_neighbors (rev 35954) (Bart Polot)
0003846: [cadet service] Assertion failed (GNUNET_CONTAINER_multihashmap_remove) in GCP_remove_connection (rev 35954) (Christian Grothoff)
0003869: [build process] Outdated fsf address in header files (Christian Grothoff)
0003870: [build process] Use of deprecated gethostbyname() function (Christian Grothoff)
0003871: [ATS service] ats service assertion failure (Christian Grothoff)
0003872: [cadet service] valgrind issue in ax_debug (tunnel.c:4388) (Bart Polot)
0003877: [peerstore] test_peerstore_api_sync fails non-deterministically (Christian Grothoff)
0003904: [file-sharing service] gnunet-publish -u <URI> just hangs (Christian Grothoff)
0003922: [gnunet-setup] default value of TCP_REDIRECTS and UDP_REDIRECTS will not work (Christian Grothoff)
0003927: [cadet service] Assertion failed at gnunet-service-cadet_tunnel.c:2082. (Bart Polot)
0003928: [cadet service] valgrind reports use of uninitizlied values (Bart Polot)
0002004: [other] apparmor profile (Christian Grothoff)
0003675: [transport service] eliminate use of GNUNET_TRANSPORT_try_connect() (Christian Grothoff)
0003793: [cadet service] gnunet9's CADET segfaults during cleanup on peer disconnect (SVN 35758) (Bart Polot)
0003794: [cadet service] cadet use after free valgrind report (on shutdown, with crash) (Bart Polot)
0003837: [build process] Revision 35927, make fails (Jeff Burdges)
0003863: [transport service] TRANSPORT (and indirectly CORE) takes unreasonably large amounts of time to call back. (Christian Grothoff)
0003880: [NAT traversal library] test_stun hangs forever (bratao)
0003894: [ATS service] ATS assertion violations: gnunet-service-transport_ats.c:318 and ats_api_scheduling.c:809 (Christian Grothoff)
0003895: [cadet service] misc cadet assertion violations (Bart Polot)
0003999: [cadet service] Assertion failed at gnunet-service-cadet_tunnel.c:2043 (Bart Polot)
0003900: [build process] Fix DESTDIR support for building packages for distributions + new Gentoo overlay (lynX)
0003906: [cadet service] segfault in GCP_remove_path (Bart Polot)
0003910: [core service] Various core assertions related to neighbours unexpectely not found in neighbour map (Christian Grothoff)
0003918: [NAT traversal library] segfault in transport (bratao)
0003929: [cadet service] cadet abort() in assertion failure (Bart Polot)
0003930: [cadet service] cadet crash (looks like use after free) in pop_direct_path (Bart Polot)
0003948: [build process] Revision 36265, Make fails (bratao)
0003969: [rest service] Allow the listing of identity tokens using the REST API (schanzen)
0003971: [transport service] Crash in transport GST_ats_add_address (Christian Grothoff)
0003986: [peerinfo service] Peerinfo has ~ 1000 duplicate addresses (Christian Grothoff)
0003991: [peerinfo service] Peerinfo crashes on buffer overflow (Christian Grothoff)
0003993: [testbed service] testbed connections very slow with almost idle CPU (Christian Grothoff)
0003995: [util library] undefined behavior in GNUNET_array_grow (Christian Grothoff)
0004003: [transport service] Assertion failed in transport (Bart Polot)
0004010: [cadet service] cadet assertion failure after GCC_send_prebuilt_message returns NULL (Bart Polot)
0004024: [file-sharing service] CPU utilization of FS on gnunet9 is too high (Christian Grothoff)
0004025: [transport service] Supurious SEND_OK causes GNUNET_break (GNUNET_NO == n->is_ready); assertion in transport_api.c to fail (Christian Grothoff)
0004031: [gnunet-setup] I can not convince gnunet-setup to save data to /etc/gnunet.conf and need some help. (Christian Grothoff)
0004035: [testbed service] Crash in Testbed (Christian Grothoff)
0004037: [webpage] broken (red) SSL lock on due to weak (SHA-1) signatures (Christian Grothoff)
0004053: [ATS service] crash in ATS (Christian Grothoff)
0004054: [testbed service] Gnunet fails to build on GNU/Hurd (Christian Grothoff)
0004056: [documentation] gnunet-publish man page error (Christian Grothoff)
0004081: [other] test-case for plugin_namecache_flat doesn't actually test namecache (dangole)
0004138: [webpage] Broken link to Gnunet e.V. 2015 meeting notes (Christian Grothoff)
0004151: [documentation] doxygen comment typo (Christian Grothoff)
0004161: [documentation] Improve man for "gnunet-download --recursive" (Christian Grothoff)
0004162: [file-sharing service] SEGFAULT on GND publish/download (Christian Grothoff)
0004493: [build process] Revision 37133: undefined reference to symbol 'GNUNET_PSYC_env_create' (Christian Grothoff)
0004478: [documentation] Taler mentioned in gnunet_curl_lib.h (Christian Grothoff)
0003594: [ATS service] gnunet-ats prints primary output to stderr (Christian Grothoff)
0003734: [rest service] Separate MHD from REST API plugins. (schanzen)
0003799: [other] gnunet-publish client hangs after unindex error (Christian Grothoff)
0003853: [namestore service] get rid of hard libsqlite3 dependency (schanzen)
0003854: [peerstore] get rid of libsqlite3 also in peerstore (schanzen)
0004020: [cadet service] assertion failure at gnunet-service-cadet_connection.c:2148 (Bart Polot)
0004236: [documentation] gnunet-cadet wrong man page (lynX)
0004241: [documentation] gnunet-gtk README instructs users to install into $HOME (Christian Grothoff)
0004530: [peerstore] Peerstore plugins need tests (schanzen)
0004532: [peerstore] Peerstore API inconsistent (Christian Grothoff)
0004536: [documentation] fix GNUNET-ARM(1) footer wording (Christian Grothoff)
0004541: [file-sharing service] gnunet-service-fs crash (Christian Grothoff)
0004546: [ARM service] GLOBAL_POSTFIX not added when OPTIONS is set (Christian Grothoff)
0004545: [util library] GNUNET_CACHE_HOME directory may not exist (Christian Grothoff)
0004383: [pt daemon] Assertion failed at crypto_random.c:157. (Christian Grothoff)
0004582: [other] docs error (Christian Grothoff)
0004588: [cadet service] Assertion failed at mq.c:295 (Bart Polot)
0004606: [documentation] Typo in online documentation (Christian Grothoff)
0004612: [cadet service] Debate: Decide how to handle well-known ports in CADET (Christian Grothoff)
0004616: [namestore service] Long delay before a <name>.gnu VPN tunnel starts working (Christian Grothoff)
0004618: [build process] Optional dependencies are not clear (Christian Grothoff)
0004619: [build process] 4 quota compliance tests are failing, I require information for patching them. (Christian Grothoff)
0004620: [namestore service] Problem with case-sensitive handling of names in namestore (Christian Grothoff)
0004624: [exit daemon] multi-port exits are broken: daemon confuses port numbers (Christian Grothoff)
0004631: [build process] the sudo warning seems like a false positive (Christian Grothoff)
0004653: [build process] Inconsistency in ./configure usage regarding --with-PACKAGE (Christian Grothoff)
0004663: [ATS service] Assertion failure when calling GNUNET_ATS_connectivity_suggest (Christian Grothoff)
0004666: [core service] CORE abort() during CADET testcase run (Christian Grothoff)
0004672: [ARM service] $HOME not expanded (Christian Grothoff)
0004678: [other] segfault in service_new (?) (ch3)
0004686: [cadet service] Assertion failed at cadet_api.c:552 (Christian Grothoff)
0004690: [rps service] problems sending rps-service -> rps-api (ch3)
0004703: [build process] Remove from testbed/ mention of deleted testbed/testbed_api_barriers.h (Christian Grothoff)
0004710: [cadet service] Double free in GCC_send_prebuilt_message during testing and with DROP enabled (Christian Grothoff)
0004718: [testbed service] assertion fails at testbed_api.c:1288. (Sree Harsha Totakura)
0004760: [other] gnunet-gtk HEAD not compatible with current gnunet HEAD (Christian Grothoff)
0004786: [ARM service] arm service started twice (Christian Grothoff)
0004854: [ARM service] gnunet-arm's -T option is broken (Christian Grothoff)
0004868: [transport service] test_transport_api_udp fails with parallel-building disabled (Matthias Wachs)
0004870: [cadet service] new CADET service crashes when using gnunet-cadet (Christian Grothoff)
0004878: [cadet service] heap-use-after-free in send_kx_auth (Christian Grothoff)
0004890: [ARM service] misuse of dynamically generated format strings in gnunet-arm.c results in "%s" showing up in error messages (Christian Grothoff)
0004895: [cadet service] "Ignoring duplicate channel OPEN" when using gnunet-cadet (Christian Grothoff)
0004896: [cadet service] Received CADET_CONNECTION_CREATE from P(PRPZ) for 4XEANC, but PRPZ(0xea5b90) already has a connection. Sending BROKEN (Christian Grothoff)
0004897: [cadet service] Received duplicate CADET_CONNECTION_CREATE message (Christian Grothoff)
0004899: [cadet service] External protocol violation detected at gnunet-service-cadet-new_tunnels.c:3012 (Christian Grothoff)
0004901: [build process] test_container_metadata fails without LE installed (Christian Grothoff)
0004908: [cadet service] new cadet API not good at tolerating destroy during transmission success CB (Christian Grothoff)
0003677: [ATS service] src/ats-tests/ does not compile (Christian Grothoff)
0003842: [util library] Error: util-3140, Revision 35949 (Christian Grothoff)
0003864: [rps service] rps crashes in mq (ch3)
0003898: [cadet service] Assertion failed in GCT_get_cstate (Christian Grothoff)
0003902: [transport service] core-4127 ERROR Assertion failed at transport_api.c:754. (Christian Grothoff)
0003907: [cadet service] GNUNET_break in GCC_handle_broken (Christian Grothoff)
0003920: [cadet service] segfault in path_get_length (Christian Grothoff)
0003953: [DV service or transport] test_transport_dv logs lots of CADET errors and does not terminate (Christian Grothoff)
0004165: [cadet service] Use hashes for service ID (Bart Polot)
0003994: [cadet service] External protocol violation detected at gnunet-service-cadet_tunnel.c:3069 (Christian Grothoff)
0003997: [cadet service] WARNING Wrong crypto on tunnel (Christian Grothoff)
0004040: [cadet service] many CADET failures on mamasparc (Christian Grothoff)
0004352: [cadet service] segfault in destroy_channel() (Christian Grothoff)
0004622: [cadet service] unable to cancel cadet messages via mq / implement cadet_mq_cancel_impl (Christian Grothoff)
0004630: [cadet service] cadet connect fails persistently if port not open before other peer tries to connect (Christian Grothoff)
0004650: [cadet service] libgnunetcadet fails with assertion at cadet_api.c:1660 when CADET MQ API is used (Christian Grothoff)
0004674: [cadet service] CADET: use after free in GCC_debug() (Christian Grothoff)
0004675: [cadet service] heap use-after-free in conn_message_sent (Christian Grothoff)
0004677: [cadet service] crash when destroying cadet channel (Christian Grothoff)
0004788: [cadet service] heap use after free in GNUNET_MQ_send_cancel (Christian Grothoff)
0004801: [transport service] transport crashes if it accidentally connects to itself (Christian Grothoff)
0004816: [util library] client_new: compile error on BSD (Christian Grothoff)
0004849: [GNS] shortening and reverse lookup need to be moved outside of gns proper (Christian Grothoff)
0004860: [namestore service] Testsuite: test_namestore_api_zone_iteration_stop test fails (Guix) (Christian Grothoff)
0004910: [DHT service] dht: compile error (Christian Grothoff)
0003592: [set service] set service causes assertion failure at client.c:1211 during shutdown (Christian Grothoff)
0003732: [rest service] REST plugins should provide OPTIONS (schanzen)
0003735: [rest service] Write a namestore REST plugin and define the API (schanzen)
0005078: [GNS] Wrong use of libtool in gns/nss impedes installation (Christian Grothoff)
0003743: [datastore service] plugin API get_key inconsistancy (amatus)
0003747: [rest service] GNUnet namestore REST plugin (schanzen)
0003921: [NAT traversal library] segfault in process_stun (bratao)
0003944: [cadet service] Use after free in handle_kx_ax (Bart Polot)
0003970: [rest service] Add attribute parameters to identity token REST API (schanzen)
0004076: [rps service] core dump in rps helper (ch3)
0004128: [build process] make fails (tg)
0004143: [other] mantis timeouts edit sessions and deletes work done (lynX)
0004985: [cadet service] conversation service causes: ERROR Assertion failed at cadet_api.c:1617 (Christian Grothoff)
0004680: [other] invalid memory reads (ch3)
0004757: [file-sharing service] gnunet-publish keeps terminal busy if using -P (Christian Grothoff)
0004839: [file-sharing service] gnunet-publish or gnunet-download unpredictably ignores files (Christian Grothoff)
0004907: [transport service] transport tests hang (ng0)
0004926: [set service] set crash bug on gnunet9 (Christian Grothoff)
0004957: [testbed service] test_gnunet_helper_testbed started to crash (Christian Grothoff)
0004965: [datastore service] Push the logic for updating an existing record if it already exists down into the plugins (amatus)
0004973: [cadet service] cadet should not disclose port on connect, but require receiver to know it (Christian Grothoff)
0004976: [build process] make in gnunet fails with: undefined reference to `GNUNET_SERVER_mst` (Christian Grothoff)
0005000: [DNS service] Fatal: executable ip not found in approved directories: No such file or directory (dangole)
0005006: [sqlite datastore] Fails to compile if you only have sqlite installed (Christian Grothoff)
0005082: [revocation service] heap-use-after-free on shutdown (Christian Grothoff)
0005107: [file-sharing service] documentation: explain why gnunet-search starts from 0 (or change it to start from 1) (Christian Grothoff)
0005125: [cadet service] failure to call client_continue (Christian Grothoff)
0005145: [transport service] test_transport_blacklisting_multiple_plugins fails on commit 6107aebdf21a59834c3fe0eb6d3d664f1827c7bc (Matthias Wachs)
0004440: [build process] ./bootstraps chokes with incomprehensible output if libtool is not installed (ng0)
0004611: [cadet service] Unexpected behaviors when closing a listen port (Bart Polot)
0004621: [cadet service] cadet get_peers () breaks communication with cadet service (amatus)
0004909: [cadet service] GCPP_del_connection () invariant assertion (still) fails (amatus)
0005086: [topology daemon] FRIENDS-ONLY peer connecting to non-friends (amatus)
0005123: [documentation] doc/gnunet-c-tutorial.tex: Convert to texinfo. (ng0)
0005134: [documentation] gnunet-c-tutorial.texi improvements (ng0)
0005142: [build process] fails on commit 6570a7980a945cd3e6484baa8777512506b9ba49 (ng0)
0005238: [DHT service] make check in dht/ fails (Christian Grothoff)
0005240: [build process] buildbot: postgres directory changed, causing postgres test to fail (Christian Grothoff)
0005249: [build process] disabling build of documentation is not possible (ng0)
0005252: [namestore service] zone_to_name does not work (schanzen)
0005325: [documentation] FTBFS (ng0)
0005328: [util library] GNUNET_CRYPTO_eddsa_ecdh() fails "randomly" (Christian Grothoff)
0004501: [webpage] Website not viewable due to HSTS (Christian Grothoff)
0003881: [mysql library] SYSTEM WARNING: 'mysql_pconnect(): Headers and client library minor version mismatch. Headers:50542 Library:50625' in '/usr/shar (Christian Grothoff)
0003456: [cadet service] Cadet's flow control fails in the presence of data loss (Bart Polot)
0003479: [cadet service] CADET crashes during KX. (Bart Polot)
0003447: [webpage] Update/configure Mantis (Christian Grothoff)
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