Released 2014-04-08
0003381: [HTTP transport] Proxy support for HTTP(S) client (Matthias Wachs)
0004136: [file-sharing service] Starting "gnunet-publish -e" causes a crash (Christian Grothoff)
0003236: [util library] timestamps in log messages are not in local time (Sree Harsha Totakura)
0003241: [conversation service] gnunet-conversation crashes (Christian Grothoff)
0003242: [set service] Crash in set service during perf_ats_proportional_transport_none (Florian Dold)
0003248: [TCP transport] NPE (Christian Grothoff)
0002663: [testbed service] Implement underlay topology configurations (Sree Harsha Totakura)
0003249: [build process] #include <sys/ucred.h> (Christian Grothoff)
0003255: [set service] Secretsharing does not compile (Florian Dold)
0003226: [tun library] regex generated for port spec "!25" is too large (Christian Grothoff)
0003260: [transport service] New peer monitoring API (Matthias Wachs)
0003261: [transport service] New address validation monitoring API (Matthias Wachs)
0003266: [transport service] crash in test_transport_api_monitoring (Matthias Wachs)
0003268: [transport service] Inbound addresses should be indicated with address flag and not with address length 0 (Matthias Wachs)
0003270: [UDP transport] UDP plugin periodically sends packet to loopback interface (suspected: hello broadcast) (Matthias Wachs)
0003278: [conversation service] FTBFS: record.c:366: undefined reference to `ogg_stream_flush_fill' (Christian Grothoff)
0003283: [util library] GNUNET_SPEEDUP_stop_ incompatibly declared (Christian Grothoff)
0003259: [conversation service] Wrap raw opus in some kind of container or protocol (LRN)
0003284: [util library] GNUnet doesn't support libdir of the form ${prefix}/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu (Christian Grothoff)
0003285: [conversation service] gnunet-conversation reject call problem (Christian Grothoff)
0003239: [cadet service] Crash in mesh service during normal operation (Bart Polot)
0003254: [cadet service] Mesh tries to rekey loopback tunnels (Bart Polot)
0003237: [ATS service] ATS 'proportional' bandwidth allocator behaves strangely (Matthias Wachs)
0003279: [GNS] No reverse lookups when NSS plugin is enabled (schanzen)
0003296: [transport service] core needs to be able to tell if transport has 'excess' bandwidth or is strapped for a particular peer (Christian Grothoff)
       0003295: [core service] core needs to be able to prioritize mesh/conversation traffic properly (Christian Grothoff)
0003297: [cadet service] Mesh should try_connect to peers with tunnels (Bart Polot)
0003318: [core service] core services crashes for large testbeds (Matthias Wachs)
0003322: [transport service] transport sends uninitialized memory (valgrind) (Matthias Wachs)
0003325: [GNS] GNS lookups never time out (Christian Grothoff)
0003332: [cadet service] Assertion failed at gnunet-service-mesh_peer.c:1599 (Bart Polot)
0003351: [cadet service] segfault in mesh (Bart Polot)
0003357: [util library] $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR : GNUnet in multiuser environment on Ubuntu 13.10 (Christian Grothoff)
0003358: [core service] gnunet-core does not work in multi user setup (Christian Grothoff)
0003341: [build process] GNUnet builds without database installed and tries to load sqlite plugin (Christian Grothoff)
0003355: [peerinfo service] "WARNING Processing code for message of type 331 did not call `GNUNET_SERVER_receive_done' after 1 m" (Christian Grothoff)
0003349: [cadet service] Mesh CLI fails after suspend/resume (Bart Polot)
0003364: [cadet service] Mesh does not use direct connections on 'establishing' tunnels (Bart Polot)
0003362: [transport service] gnunet-transport -f does not shutdown (Matthias Wachs)
0003350: [Bluetooth transport] Compile warning: overflow (claudiu)
0003262: [transport service] Do blacklist check before switching address (Matthias Wachs)
0003345: [transport service] running big expermients crashes transport (Matthias Wachs)
0003338: [transport service] Testing transport configuration not working (Matthias Wachs)
0003339: [transport service] Transport connectivity: Address is not destroyed when CONNECT_SENT fails (Matthias Wachs)
0003253: [consensus service] consensus timeouts are not handled correctly (Florian Dold)
0003317: [transport service] crash in transport testcase test_transport_testing (Matthias Wachs)
0003287: [GNS] compiler warnings compiling gnunet-gns-proxy
0003288: [transport service] write after free reported by valgrind (Matthias Wachs)
0003300: [transport service] Crash in transport blacklisting (Matthias Wachs)
0003299: [transport service] Crash in transport service, multiple times (Matthias Wachs)
0003084: [consensus service] consensus api makes wrong assumptions about new elements (Florian Dold)
0003275: [statistics service] fails (Sree Harsha Totakura)
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