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0005139gnURL[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-10-08 16:01
ReporternikitaAssigned Tonikita 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0005139: really fix the 'make dist' + maketgz
DescriptionAt the moment the make release "script" happens to be like noted down below.
Ideally this is all invoked with one command. Including signing and generating the sha512sums + `guix hash` sums for the files we'll publish.
Additional Informationmkdir -p ~/src/gnunet/gnurl-releases/tmp/$1
cd ~/src/gnunet/gnurl-releases/tmp/$1
cp -r ~/src/gnunet/gnurl-releases/gnurl gnurl-$1
cd gnurl-$1
guix environment gnurl -- ./buildconf
sed 's/\/usr\/bin\/file/\/usr\/bin\/env file/' configure
guix environment gnurl -- ./configure --enable-ipv6 --with-gnutls --without-libssh2 --without-libmetalink --without-winidn --without-librtmp --without-nghttp2 --without-nss --without-cyassl --without-polarssl --without-ssl --without-winssl --without-darwinssl --disable-sspi --disable-ntlm-wb --disable-ldap --disable-rtsp --disable-dict --disable-telnet --disable-tftp --disable-pop3 --disable-imap --disable-smtp --disable-gopher --disable-file --disable-ftp --disable-smb
guix environment gnurl -- make
guix environment gnurl zip xz perl git -- ./maketgz $1
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2017-10-08 16:01

manager   ~0012464

Fixed in 7.55.1-4 release.

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